“I have used Gregg’s mediation services for many years. I am always able to trust that he is giving me straight information and, most importantly, that he isn’t being influenced by the other side. Greg gets top-notch results for my clients while being charming in the process.”

Karen Koehler
Washington State Trial Lawyers Association
2005 Washington State Trial Lawyer of the Year

Mediation with BDR is The Trusted Choice

A Message from Gregg Bertram on Mediation and Arbitration

BDR’s mediators and arbitrators bring years of successful experience and trusted professionalism. At BDR we understand that every case is important!

When you engage a BDR mediator or arbitrator, you receive uncommon preparation, performance and follow-up. Our mediators and arbitrators have earned a reputation for their focus, fairness and pragmatic solutions to often difficult, complex cases.

BDR invites you in so that you and your clients may leave a problem behind.

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Arbitration is the second most popular form of alternative dispute resolution. Like mediation it is almost always a confidential process. Unlike mediation, however, with arbitration the parties cede decision making control to one or more arbitrators who are tasked with making a binding decision. More on Arbitration

Business Dispute Mediation:

I’ve been mediating and arbitrating business disputes for many years. What makes these cases difficult and why is mediation in particular often a godsend to business parties in conflict? More on Business Dispute Mediation

Construction Dispute Mediation:

Mediating construction cases is often very, very different than mediating a typical two party case. First, most construction cases involve more than two parties. Sometimes, they involve ten or more parties – general contractors, sub-contractors, insurance companies. More on Construction Dispute Mediation

Family Law and Estate Mediation:

Early mediation should be seriously considered in the vast majority of family law or divorce cases. This is especially true if child custody issues are involved. Many of the same considerations apply to estate disputes other than child custody. More on Family Law Mediation

Medical Malpractice Mediation:

In the past 20 or more years I’ve mediated or arbitrated more than 400 medical malpractice cases. What I’ve learned is that the facts underlying these cases are neither easy nor pleasant. However, often heartbreaking human tragedy alone is not enough to secure victory at trial for claimants. The defense almost always wins medical malpractice trials. Why? More on Medical Malpractice Mediation

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Mediation:

Extensive personal experience has shown that mediated personal injury and wrongful death settlements almost always exceed trial results measured in economic terms. What can’t be measured, of course, is the personal stress for individuals that is avoided by settling before trial. More on Personal Injury Mediation

Real Estate Mediation:

Real property is very important to people, both emotionally and financially. They can be just as heated as a contentious divorce dispute, for example. At the same time as they inspire difficult emotions, they can involve very arcane technical and historical issues that are sometimes very difficult to understand and follow. More on Real Estate Mediation